Canberra Martial Arts Academy

Canberra Martial Arts Academy

Canberra Martial Arts Academy has been providing martial arts tuition in Canberra for the last 30 years. Our instructors have decades of teaching experience and have competed internationally as well as all around Australia.

We have something for everyone - self-defense, fitness, tournament training and weapons. Best of all it’s available for all ages and all skill levels. We have separate kids and adults classes.

Hakushin Karate

Hakushin karate is a realistic method of self-defense that uses practical and effective techniques for the real world. 

It is a mixed martial art comprising of Kyokushin Karate, Kickboxing, Judo and Boxing. 

Our classes cover:

  • From Kyokushin Karate - punches, strikes, kicks, blocks and kata.

  • From Judo - throws, takedowns, joint locks, chokes and breakfalls.

  • From Kickboxing and Boxing - fitness and conditioning.

  • Competition training - for full contact, non contact and kata for students looking for an extra challenge.

Weapons training - Bukido

We study five weapons, Nunchaku, Hanbo, Tanto, Bo and Sai. 

Where our weapons classes differ from others is, on top of all the weapons you will learn to use, you will also learn the effective kicks and blocks of Kyokushin Karate. Competition is both non-contact and demonstration.

What do I get when I sign up?

We have different membership plans to suit your training needs and no sign-up or joining fees. Our memberships include:

  • One class per week - $29 per week - one class of your choice per week and no joining fee (saving of $100)

  • Two classes per week - $39 per week - two classes of your choice per week, no joining fee and a free set of protective equipment including hand pads, shin and instep pads and mouth guard. (saving of $150)

  • Unlimited classes - $49 per week - unlimited number of classes of your choice, no joining fee and a training package including protective equipment including hand pads, shin and instep pads and mouth guard and a uniform (saving of $300)

Still not sure which membership plan suits you? Why not take advantage of our free trial class instead? You can book a free trial class today!

Featured membership
  •  2 classes per week
$39.00 per week