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Welcome to the My Healthy Mind Health Centre…

Beyond our doors, we are invoking the spirit of adventure and the art of movement.

My Healthy Mind Health Centre provides a safe and friendly movement-based program that helps prepare kids for a happy and healthy life in a positive and nurturing environment. We can help your child achieve control in times of doubt.

The program blends traditional sports skills with foundational yoga and mindfulness meditation, technology adventures, workshops and activity classes of all kinds in an adventurous mentoring youth program.

We provide a setting to enhance and nurture resilience and self-confidence within a Health Centre environment that is based on learning above a child’s standard level of performance. The confidence to overcome any challenge they face are taught in our activity programs as we push them beyond their comfort zones week in, week out.

Once your child joins our Health Centre they will gain the confidence to be in control and well prepared for whatever the future holds on or off the sporting field and in or out of the classroom. 

Additional services offered by My Healthy Mind include a robust Martial Arts training sessions that can be specifically tailored for ASD and Autism and child, teen and adult counselling sessions facilitated either online or in a clinical environment. Our mission is to ensure as many people as possible are able to live happy and full lives. 

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