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     At Phoenix Martial Arts we teach the style of Kenpo developed by Prof. Nick Cerio in the 70's called Nick Cerio's Kenpo. After 1998 the system was then passed on to his successor Soke Nancy Cerio, along with her son Professor Bill Ambrosia, changing the system name to Lee Do Kan.  Our staff trained with Soke Cerio weekly until her passing in 2016 and now train with her son Professor Bill Ambrosia (successor to the system) on the same material that was developed and taught in the 70's.  Because of our strong commitment to the traditions of martial arts, and our style, in 2015 we were recognized by the International Kenpo Counsel of Grandmasters as a official and sanctioned traditional Kenpo School.  So whether you are interested in the martial arts for mental, spiritual or physical well-being or just self defense we offer a number of programs that will fit your needs.


     For decades adults of all ages have been enjoying the vast benefits gained through training in the martial arts. Whether your emphasis is on personal protection, improved health and fitness, and/or mental clarity and well being, our personalized instruction will help you discover the incredible benefits of our adult karate classes and its traditional values to everyday living. Regardless of your age, current physical condition or abilities, our professional instructors will be happy to inspire you to realize your personal best through our programs.


The Lil Dragons program is designed to help your child succeed in school and home. Our program is geared specifically for the developmental needs of children ages 4-6 to help them reach success at any age.

They will learn;

First time listening - An important skill our students are taught early on, they get to be so good at listening that they only need to be told once to do something by instructors and parents.

Social Skills - Our classes are designed to bring the Wall flowers out 

Improved motors skills - At this age your child's basic balance, agility, and hand-eye coordination are still being developed. Your child will become more successful in martial arts and other sports as well as develop and refine their motor skills.


     Consistency and repetition create familiarity and, therefore, children on the autism spectrum do well with classes.  Repetition of the same location, same faces, same curriculum, and knowing what to expect are all part of the recipe. With continuous structure, discipline and fun exercises, even the child with multisensory issues almost immediately rises to the occasion. Most children with special needs receive therapies on a weekly basis. Adding a traditional martial arts program to their existing therapies can only assist them in reaching their goals faster. Think about it; when an instructor focuses on YOUR child’s needs there is no doubt the results are immediate. Focus, concentration, balance, tone, awareness, self regulation, core strength, reduced anxiety, and spatial awareness are just a few of the benefits your child will receive at Phoenix Martial Arts.


Our prices are affordable for all of our Programs.   The upfront cost includes Gi, Patches, and first months tuition. Discounts for Family plans, Police Officers, Emergency Services, as well as Veterans.

** Note that prices can vary due to hardships. It is our mission to provide our community with the best Martial Arts instruction. Although we do not want our generosity to be taken advantage of, we do want EVERYONE to be given the opportunity to achieve their Black Belt.

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