Whanoa Jiu Jitsu / TUKAHA Rotorua

Whanoa Jiu Jitsu

Kia ora, nau mai, haere mai ki  Whanoa Jiu Jitsu / TŪKAHA Rotorua. 

Welcome to Whanoa Jiu Jitsu, Rotorua's most premiere Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy. 

We are a whanau operated, five-day a week Jiu-Jitsu Academy with classes catering from ages 7 upwards. We provide a friendly and safe whānau atmosphere for both newcomers and existing Jiu-Jitsu practitioners as well as the opportunity to learn from some of the most skilled BJJ instructors, competitors and practitioners in Aotearoa. 

We offer classes for all ages and levels, women's only classes, Kura kaupapa Māori and school programmes, de-escalation and safe restraints programmes, personal instruction, weekly open mat's, uniforms and merchandise and specialised programmes catering to any need. We offer casual, weekly, and annual memberships. 

Feel free to call in and korero with us about classes and we will ensure you are well looked after no matter what level or ability you are at. 

We are a not-for-profit entity ensuring that all funds go back into the growth of our club, our members and the sport of Jiu-Jitsu. 
Join us on our journey in creating champions, an enhanced lifestyle and ultimate empowerment. 

A little about us and Jiu Jitsu:

Jiu Jitsu is the perfect self-defence system. It is difficult to encapsulate the impact that Jiu Jitsu provides to a person as it ripples through all facets of life. A comparison could be found in Te Whare Tapa Wha – Tinana, Hinengaro, Wairua and Whanau. 
These relate through the following ways:
• Whānau - The team is a whānau who collectively tautoko each other in a positive, inspiring and supportive environment. 
• Wairua – Karakia and tikanga Māori practices are firmly in place. These keep us grounded and allow fulfilment of one's soul
• Tinana – Physical health, strength, co-ordination, flexibility and posture are developed and refined. 
• Hinengaro – Practitioners develop abilities to maintain calm in stressful situations, build resilience and confidence that can be applied to all aspects in life. 

Professor Anaru Grant discovered Jiu Jitsu in 2010 and instantly fell in love with the art. Being of Māori descent and his extensive kapa haka background, Anaru was naturally well pre-disposed to Jiu Jitsu due to the co-ordination and mind/body awareness aspects that Jiu Jitsu requires. After 11 years of being an active Jiu Jitsu practitioner, Anaru received his Black Belt from his Master, Professor Pedro Pacheco Fernandes in November 2020. 
Anaru has achieved extensive international and national competitive titles whilst building a significant membership within the Academy that has achieved numerous international and national competitive honours. Anaru also bodes a lengthy tenure in teaching at high school and tertiary levels as well as tutoring kapa haka for over 10 years, giving him a solid platform for his role as a coach across all levels and ages in Jiu Jitsu. 

Featured membership
  •  Unlimited classes
$25.00 per week